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Training and Accreditation Subcommittee

Nicola Wright, PhD is a clinical psychologist on The Schizophrenia Program of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (ROHCG), Canada. Dr. Wright engages in individual and group cognitive behavioral therapy for people who experience psychosis (CBTP). She is a clinical professor with the school of psychology at the University of Ottawa. Given her passion for training and education, she was president of the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs and has served on both the Accreditation Panel, and the Education and Training committee of the Canadian Psychological Association. Dr. Wright is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is the lead author of the book Treating Psychosis: A Clinician’s Guide to integrating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion-focused Therapy and Mindfulness approaches within the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tradition (Wright et al., 2014). She is the principle investigator of two University of Ottawa medical research fund grants on randomized controlled trials for group CBT for Psychosis and group CBT for Voices. She conducts supervision for the Beck Institute and presents training workshops on CBT for Psychosis. She believes passionately in an empowering recovery-oriented CBT approach to working with those who experience psychosis.

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