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The NACBTp Steering Committee owes its members, and the wider CBTp community at large, an apology.

We know that the field of mental health has a long history, still continuing, of mistreatment and maltreatment of Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOC). Black people are more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than white people and, once diagnosed, more likely to be hospitalized, more likely to receive higher doses of medication, and less likely to receive a course of evidence-based psychotherapy.

It should not have taken the kind of global recognition of racism and the pain and trauma it causes that we are seeing in the wake of George Floyd’s murder to make us see that we as an organization have a responsibility to do something about these disparities, including the disparity represented in our almost all-white steering committee.

Though it impacts us differently, racism harms everyone, and we apologize to our members and to their clients for not having made dealing with that harm a priority.

We are making it a priority now. We will have more to say as our education on this issue continues. In the meantime, we are pledging to:

  1. Advocate for the end of Police Wellness checks,

  2. Have conversations with any BIPOC members willing to speak with us about their experience in our network and about ways the organization can serve BIPOC members and clients better,

  3. Encourage more BIPOC CBTp therapists into leadership positions in our organization,

  4. Set up a sub-committee to identify and reduce barriers to the availability of gold standard, evidence-based, culturally- and linguistically relevant CBTp for BIPOC,

  5. Develop strategies to actively outreach to Black clinicians, Indigenous clinicians and clinicians of Color about opportunities for learning CBTp to competence, as well as becoming supervisors and trainers in CBTp,

  6. Provide resources to our members on skillfully addressing racial and ethnic bias in ourselves, clinicians, and clients, and

  7. In recognition of the limitations of CBTp research including BIPOC in the United States, the NACBTp will share existing relevant resources and intentionally seek out and disseminate “practice-based evidence” of culturally- and linguistically-relevant adaptations to CBTp.


We appreciate your attention, your efforts to improve mental healthcare for the millions who face not only the stigma of serious mental illness but also the stigma of racism, and your commitment to hold us accountable in this work.


Yours truly,

The North American Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis Steering Committee

The North American Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis Network (NACBTpN) is an organization of health care professionals, academics and researchers dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis(CBTp) in North America. 

The primary aims of the NACBTpN are:

  1. To further the availability of quality, effective, evidence-based training in CBTp throughout North America.

  2. To define and advance standards of competency among CBTp clinics in North America.

  3. To advance training and implementation of CBTp skills and CBTp-informed care among CBTp clinicians in North America.

  4. To disseminate and share CBTp training materials and relevant literature.

  5. To increase communications and foster a community among CBTp clinics. 

  6. To create a state/province/region directory of clinicians who are refined and certified in CBTp (individuals and group).

For more information about CBTp, please click here.

A complete list of the NACBTpN Steering Committee members is available here

Le réseau nord-américain sur la thérapie cognitive comportementale pour la psychose (North American Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis Network - NACBTpN) est une organisation regroupant des professionnels de la santé, des chercheurs et membres du milieu académique visant la promotion et la dissémination de la thérapie cognitive comportementale pour la psychose (TCCp) en Amérique du Nord.


Les principaux objectifs de la NACBTpN sont :

  1. D’améliorer l’offre de formations en TCCp de qualité, efficaces, et basées sur des données probantes à travers l’Amérique du Nord.

  2. De mieux définir et établir les compétences requises pour offrir la TCCp au sein des cliniques intéressées en Amérique du Nord.

  3. D’aider à la mise en place de formations et de l’implémentation d’habiletés liées à la TCCp et aux approches s’inspirant de la TCCp (par ex., soins échelonnés en TCCp) auprès des intervenants œuvrant auprès de la clientèle visée, en Amérique du Nord.

  4. De disséminer et partager la littérature scientifique pertinente ainsi que les documents utiles à la formation à la TCCp.

  5. D’améliorer la communication entre les acteurs et de créer un esprit de communauté entre les cliniques offrant de la TCCp. 

  6. De créer un registre par province/état/région de professionnels qualifiés à offrir de la TCCp (en individuel ou en groupe).


Pour plus d’information concernant la TCCp (en anglais), vous pouvez suivre le lien suivant

Une liste complète des membres du comité aviseur de la NACBTpN est disponible ici


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